Benefits of owning Heartwood of Teak Furniture

When furnishing a home, elegance is the key, and to make that right, your selection of furniture is to be given a thought. Furniture is the focus of a room and the foundation that elevates aesthetic appeal. Having said that, it has to be sustainable and easy to care for. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of owning Heartwood of teak furniture that will coordinate with the aesthetics of your home decor.


According to the Columbian dictionary, the heartwood is the older harder nonliving central wood of trees that is usually darker, denser, less permeable, and more durable than the surrounding sapwood.

According to the British dictionary, the central core of dark hardwood in tree trunks consists of nonfunctioning xylem tissue that has become blocked with resins, tannins, and oils comparedto sapwood.

A typical woody species has two forms of wood; sapwood, which consists of live tissues involved in the conduction of water and minerals to plants, and heartwood, a dead portion of the wood, accountable for the stability and strength of the plant. it’s the heartwood that has valuable timber for our use at a later stage.

Why teakwood and why is Burmese teak most valuable?

  • Teak in general is the most valuable and expensive wood as it possesses great values such as:
    • Durable.
    • Weatherproof.
    • Resists termite invasions.
    • Carving-friendly.
    • Abundance of natural oilsprevents damage caused due to moisture and resists rot and decay.
  • Why Burmese teak is the most durable lumber in the world?

Burma teakis harvested selectively from well-preserved forests in Myanmar.These treestakeup to 200 years to grow,so,theyare more stable, and supply high-quality wood compared to the rest. They are considered the most durable lumber in the world. While the plantation teak grows fast which affects the quality and density of the wood.

Hence, Burmese teak heartwood comes with the best quality grain and size selection for furniture.

Benefits of Heartwood of Teak Furniture:

  1. They’re Long Lasting

When maintained well, wood furniture can last decades. If areas begin to scratch or wear, you’ll generally sand and polish the piece until it’s nearly as good as new. For a piece of durable furniture, the Heartwood teak possesses natural chemicals that prevent the expansion of rot and fungi.

  1. Nature’s gift from dead cells

Wood has been a companion of humans since prehistoric times and has been through the passage of civilizations. Wood is a carbon-neutral material while teak heartwood is natural, and its endlessly renewable source of energy plays a significant role as an environmentally cost-effective natural resource.

  1. Economical Friendliness

According to Daily Press, “Wood, by any measure, is that the most environmentally-friendly material at our disposal.” Its impressive lifespan prevents waste since it lasts an incredible while. Cheaper materials may require a replacement sooner. Additionally, wood is recyclable, thanks to being 100% biodegradable.

  1. It Is Versatile

The opportunities wood presents are endless, as homeowners can fashion it to suit the planning of any room. you’ll stain, paint, and refinish accordingly. you’ll be able to also make simple pieces more decadent by updating them with architectural wood carvings. Further, you’ll be able to enhance wood fireplaces or bars with beautifully designed appliques.

  1. Easy to scrub

Wood furniture is incredibly easy to keep up with. Clean your furniture regularly and wipe it with a microfiber towel using a wood cleaner. Be cautious when using water to clean. Water can get stuck on the edgesand disfigure its appearance; it can even cause rot and mold.

How Is it formed?

In one word it’s Stress. When a tree experiences stress in relation to water and nutrients the older cells of the tree die and obtain deposited within the center of the stem, taking the form of heartwood. This heartwood of Burma teak formation phenomenon has been implemented by the craftsman at Metto. At Metto, we narrate the very purposes of the powerful art, Comfort, Durability, Elegance, and Pride. Pledged to adorn the rooms for ages, Metto is made out of century-old Burmese teak and completely from the teak heartwoods. Every piece of wood that gets into the making of Metto furniture, be it a grand poll-cot or a simple court stand, ensures the natural oil and rubber are intact within the tight grains.

Right from the Sofas to Cots, Dining tables to Easy chairs, Work desks to Patio furniture, small accessories to Pooja Decks, Shoe Racks to Almirah, and everything in between carries the durability and elegance one would want for.

So, what does it mean? It means a warranty card is not just a statement but very much imbibed with the furniture to make sure all the Metto furniture would transcend time and stories would be passed on to generations to come.