About Us


Metto is not simply any other furniture. It is a story that narrates the very purposes of the powerful art; Comfort, Durability, Elegance and the Pride. Pledged to adorn the rooms for ages, Metto is made out of century old Burmese teak and completely from the heart woods. Every piece of wood that gets into the making of Metto furniture, be it a grand poll-cot or a simple court stand, ensures the natural oil and rubber are intact within the tight grains.

Right from the Sofas to Cots, Dining tables to Easy chairs, Work desks to Patio furniture, small accessories to Pooja Decks, Shoe Racks to Almirah and everything in between carry the durability and elegance one would want for.

So, what does it mean? It means a warranty card is not just a statement but very much imbibed with the furniture to make sure all the Metto furniture would transcend time and stories would be passed on to generations to come.


Driven by the passion, the team that involves in creating the artful furniture has mastered over fusing the cultural heritage and contemporary luxury. Over 50 artists put together their passion, mastery and the penchant for fine art; deliver furniture with finesse. Being good at hand, every component of the Metto furniture is the testament of pure hand work and craft.

A versatile bunch of hand drawing artists, artisans, carpenters and even masons contribute their talents only to get the sense of accomplishment. Crafted to perfection, all the Metto furniture are handmade and are set not only to meet the expectation of art lovers but to delight them in every way possible.


Set in a sprawling 15 acre campus, the work place houses tranquility and vibe. Interestingly, the design studio is being run by drawing artists and painters who inherently have the art sense from their predecessors and are also blessed with contemporary design exposure.

Artisans and Masons who are through in the know-how of Aathangudi tiles and Chettinad styles are free to make use of the sources the way they want to.

JAMES & Co – The Patron
From the house of James & Co, the brand Metto is set not only to meet the expectation of art lovers but to delight them in every way possible.